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Fair division of the spoils at Horfield

Fair division of the spoils at Horfield

Horfield E 2 - 2 Downend E

Board 1 Scott White vs Alan Papier

Alan had a hugely entertaining game. He was happy to give up a rook for two minor pieces and developed a strong attack on the enemy King. But a Black Queen counter threatened to turn the tables until, fortunately for Alan, Scott missed the best follow up and his exposed King proved to be his downfall. Exciting stuff!

Board 2 Alex Dunn vs Carolus Tang

Carolus got an opportunity in the middle game by having a passed pawn. Unfortunately he exchanged the queen and pushed the pawn deeper, so he was not able to defend it. He then defended a blocked position accurately to hold the draw. Overall it's a balanced game. Both players have 86-87% accuracy.

Board 3 Mike Jennings vs John Stubbs

After John made a couple of inaccuracies in the opening (well it has been a while) Mike had the chance to put the squeeze on in the centre. However, he decided to continue to develop his pieces when an e-pawn thrust would have given him a telling advantage. John held his breath for a couple of moves and then managed to re-route his knights and Mike's threat soon disappeared. It wasn't long before all the heavy pieces were traded to leave an equal endgame. As any sting had now come out of the game Mike offered the draw. John realised he had dodged a bullet, and was happy to accept.

Board 4 Kana Balasabrana vs Sam March

Sam played well in his first game for the club until the end game where his primary mistake was not relocating his bishop to a safe square, before missing a game-losing fork.

Alan Papier

Gregory Sumner

8 months ago