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Clifton B 1½ - 4½ Downend C

The first match of the season for the C team was away against Clifton at their new venue at the Bristol Bridge Club. A nice little venue it is too.

First to finish was James H who was out-graded by 167 points, but managed an excellent draw.

½ - ½

Nigel had been mounting the pressure on Simon with Queen and Rook bearing down on the white King, supported by a well-placed bishop. Simon escaped any mate, but had to give up a bishop for a couple of pawns which ultimately gave Nigel the winning chances.

½ - 1 ½

Aleksei’s game finished around the same time. I didn’t get to see too much of it, but Aleksei had appeared slightly better for some time and stayed in control to the end.

½ - 2 ½

My opponent gave me a gift early on allowing a pawn fork to occur. Although he fought on well, I managed to maintain the advantage all the way through and the match was now won.

½ - 3 ½

Dave had a tough opponent in Mark Walker who out-graded him by almost 300, but impressively stuck with him virtually all the way, until a slight inaccuracy under heavy time pressure allowed Mark to steal the win.

1 ½ - 3 ½

All eyes were then on young James’ game as that came to a conclusion. Although down on time with very little of it remaining, and with a big audience now examining every move, James was as calm as a cucumber as he made the most of his slight pawn advantage in a king and pawn end game to ensure victory, and his opponent resigned when it was all but lost.

1 ½ - 4 ½

A marvellous start to the season for the team. Well done!

Grant Daly

7 months ago