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Downend A 4½ - 1½ Horfield B

We were expecting a tough match as no Horfield team ever makes it easy for us. We started well, with Steve getting a promising position on Board 3. Mike Levene sacrificed material to stir up tactical possibilities but Steve found his way through these to simplify and keep his extra piece.

Meanwhile Peter had equalized calmly on Board 5 and taken an early draw. My game (Nigel) on board 4 was looking favourable; I had a bind on the queenside and ground this on to a win as Robert was unable to generate counterplay.

The next games took a long time to resolve. Mark had a big space advantage as he headed for an endgame and was able to infiltrate with his king despite some stiff opposition and clinch the point to put us 3.5-0.5 up.

Board 1 was a chaotic game with Derek developing a dangerous looking attack, and as he so often does. Aron kept calm, repelled the attack and hit back to deliver checkmate just as Derek promoted his pawn on a8.

Finally board 2 had been a heavy struggle in which Phil had got good play with his customary Schliemann. To this casual observer there didn’t seem much in it, but as time ran short Phil’s extra activity won him a pawn and his technique proved sufficient to win the rook ending with that extra pawn despite great resistance from Oscar.

Overall then a pleasing 4.5-1.5 victory, University A come next.

Nigel Hosken

8 months ago