Ground rules for social distancing chess at the Cross Hands

Players are to advise the "Club Night Host" in advance if they plan on attending, so as to help the host organise appropriate groups of players to facilitate social distancing. See our contact page for the email address, currently Steve Meek.

Players are to wash or sanitise their hands on entering and regularly throughout the playing session. Sanitiser is provided.

Social distancing is to be observed at all times, including when arriving and leaving. Players should not walk around from one group to the next or crowd around boards.

Equipment to be cleaned at start and end of evening.

The favoured playing approach is to use two boards per match up, on a larger table with players mirroring each other's moves, therefore allowing greater separation and avoiding touching the same pieces. If the number of players is large this may not be possible and single boards may have to be used, in which case the host will advise a suitable alternative.

Players must not attend if they do not feel well.

All of the above will be kept under review, and amended as appropriate as things develop.