Can't win 'em all

7th May 2020 - Gonzaga College SJ B vs Downend Upstarts

The junior team's undefeated streaks came to an end, though by some of the narrowest scores possible.

Gonzaga College SJ B 5 - 3 Downend Upstarts

Moran, Hugh vs Saunders, Aron: Game 1, Game 2

The first game saw weak pawn structures but white came out with some protected passers. The defence became passive and white converted. In the revenge match, Aron opted for the better ending immediately, but it was the excellent tactics that won the point back.

Goodhew, Finn vs McGlade, Emmet: Game 1, Game 2

The first game saw the position locked with heavy pieces and when it opened up, it looked like black was in the driving seat. Too many exchanges left a passed pawn in too prominent a position. Despite some good efforts at causing trouble with the lone queen, white's extra endgame bishop won the game.

O'laoide, Liam vs Mullaney, William: Game 1, Game 2

Despite the opening it looked like a traditional Dragon hack at first. Suddenly play switched to the centre and white won a piece which ended the game. William made excellent progress in the second, getting a great knight against the worst bishop. Time constraints were the problem and the second point was lost.

Ahmed, Bilal vs Hunter, Sean: Game 1, Game 2

White did very well in the first, gaining four connected passed pawns quickly in a Berlin Defence. Two of them promoted. With three white queens, Bilal managed (unsurprisingly) to deliver checkmate. In the second, there was opposite-side castling but black's attack couldn't break through and white was able to deliver a knight and rook mate.

Bristol Bishops 3 - 5 Chess & Go B

Manouvel, Loic vs Xu, Albert: Game 1, Game 2

Getting openings confused, Loic lost a piece early on and struggled to recover in the first game. The second was more tenacious but white was able to wriggle into the black camp.

Xu, Jiarui vs Clegg, Anya: Game 1, Game 2

White well straight in for the attack in the first game and found a tricky combination to get a quick checkmate. In the second there was some complications around the control of e5, which black was able to power through.

Manouvel, Maëlys vs Syposz, Adam: Game 1, Game 2

Maëlys continued the excellent form, even in the face of a queen blunder in the first game. A keen tactical eye managed to claw the material back and more for a smart win. In the second, there was an extra piece and a few pawns, which made for an excellently played grind of an endgame.

Lee, Isaac vs Saha, Soumil: Game 1, Game 2

Soumil's quick endgame strategy paid off in the first, as queens came off and only black's reappeared later on. A similar rook and knight ending appeared in the second but again it was black that was able to capitalise on the advantage.

Well, you can't win them all, although the junior teams were making a fine effort and proving otherwise. Back to winning ways next week!

Michael Meadows