2017 Club AGM

Originally the plan for the AGM had been to commiserate yet another failed attempt to install increments in the league, but after Downend & Fishponds double agent Buckers managed to push through his proposal at the League AGM (with no naysayers) we really were left without a plan. Fortunately, we had more silverware than committee members and that really told on the proceedings of the night.


Grant winning the award for winning all the awards this year.

We began with a minute's silence in memory of Michael Wood, our late club president who passed away earlier in the year.

Most club officers were reelected with Jerry taking up the responsibility as tournament organiser after Shaun requested to step down (don't forget the summer rapidplay!) and John taking over from Chris as a non-executive officer after Chris put in a stellar 0 appearances at committee meetings. For the mathematically inclined, you'll note that these changes would mean one fewer committee voice, but newly elected President Mike B will also be taking up a post on the committee to help crack down on the rampant corruption. As ever, team captain reelections happened with the proviso that they are subject to change when nearer next season. One more decisive change is that Andrew has decided to step down as C-team captain in order to better focus his time on match report writing.

Naturally there was plenty to celebrate with the cracking season that the club has had and trophy presentations took up a good portion of the evening.


The knockout team did particularly well winning three 8-board matches with only seven players.

Henry managed to stir up some consternation by challenging the suggestion that, naturally, the C-team would not be taking up the offer of Division 1 promotion. The amicable battle of which rages on in the email exchanges. Most bookies are now suggesting that the C-team may indeed feature as a Division 1 regular next season.


Nigel wondering how long the trophy presentations must've taken to let it get so dark outside.

On the lighter side of things, there was also a suggestion for a penalty to be added for the player with the most draws over the course of the season, which was roundly decried by both Jerry and Nigel H. I can't imagine why.


The newly created Humphreys award to be presented next year.

Disappointingly my annual request for six DGT boards was denied because "we don't need to stream our top matches on the website". I'll get them one day.

For the real photo explanations, do head on over to the fuller gallery of the evening.

Michael Meadows