Club AGM 2016

I do hope you'll all forgive the indulgence, but this brief AGM report contains a number of references to football. If that's not your thing, you may at least find it entertaining that the bulk of my football knowledge comes from playing Fifa 97 on the Mega Drive.

top graphics

A time before away kits had been invented.

We began with the officer reports and most passed without much noise. After the treasurer's report, stories of increasing rents stirred up the blood and my attempt to demand the club buy 6 DGT boards for live streaming was shot down. Next year it is.

As junior officer Jerry pointed out, every junior has made great strides this season and will soon be replacing the current players in the top teams. Furthermore, our juniors have won a number of trophies and by next season will have claimed all of the county titles.

Team Reports

The 4NCL report discussed how worryingly close the team came to gaining promotion for a second season in a row, but thanks to the team's best efforts disaster was averted and Division 2 is where they'll remain ifor another season.

Geoff and Shaun covered the E and F-team reports together highlighting the achievements of the junior players. Considering their increasing strength and the signing of a few players it was suggested that if possible, the E-team would move up to Division 3 next season. The D-team's season was described as having not set expectations very high, and thoroughly meeting those expectations.

Nigel's C-team report was no doubt the highlight. Having been relegated the previous season from tier 2 they immediately bounced back despite a spirited challenge from University B.

Mike highlighted the B-team's troubled start to the season which saw them struggling to escape the relegation zone until they turned their season around beginning with a 4-2 win over the A-team in Feburary. Perhaps they won't be considered 5000/1 outsiders next season! The A-team report was best summarised as a top-division winning team plunging to the very depths of mediocrity.

Election of Officers

After 15 years in the position, Nigel Wilcox has decided to step down as Club Chairman, despite a vote attempting to block his move to Spain. With Ian Pickup not in attendance he was unable to prevent his nomination and the subsequent unanimous decision to elect him to the role, though we have it on Nigel's word that Ian will be "delighted" with the appointment.

Team captains are remaining the same for now, until we finalise our new star signings.

Chris was also elected to the position of non-executive officer after Geoff decided to step down.


Nigel Wilcox

C-team Captain Nigel Wilcox accepting the Division 3 trophy.


After accepting the award on Henry's behalf, Jerry decided Henry will play a club simul before next season.

Richard Livermore

Richard Livermore a spectacular 12½/14 to win the Jack Milton Cup.

Jack Tye

Jack has played 34 points above his grade this season!

Dave Tipper

Dave insisted photos were taken.

Any other business

For his incredible 25 years service as Club Secretary, Richard Palmer was awarded with a tankard.

On a personal note, I'd like to repeat my thanks to everyone who contributes content to this website. Chess player or not, your efforts are what keep people coming back to this site. Well, that and the statistics page.

On a football-related note, occasional 4NCL club player, Phil Makepeace is running a Euro 2016 score prediction sweepstake for Cardiac Risk in the Young. If anyone is interested please get in touch with me ( as soon as possible!

Michael Meadows