Online Policy

Online Chess and Events

1. Downend & Fishponds ("the Club") supports efforts to increase partipation in online chess.

2. The Club may offer support to members that wish to represent a Club team in an online event including, but not necessarily limited to, online advertising to encourage participation and reporting of results.

3. Club members that wish to partipate as a part of the Club in an online event should get in touch promptly with the stated Club entry organiser.

Fair Play

4. The Club will follow the Fair Play terms and conditions stipulated by both the event organiser and the hosting service. These guidelines will be disseminated to players by the Club's entry organiser, or where applicable, the team captains.

5. Club members will not use computer or other outside assistance in games where such actions would be considered cheating. Repeat offenders will be not be included in future online events.

6. Accusations of cheating should follow the procedure laid out by the event organiser. If there are no guidelines available then such reports should be made to the hosting service.

7. The Club will not support public, repeated, or frivolous accusations of cheating. Such actions may lead to offenders being removed from events or teams for which the Club is responsible.

8. When a player has been accused of cheating the Club shall remain impartial until after statistical analysis has been concluded by the event organiser or the hosting service, and any appeals that may subsequently be lodged have been resolved.

9. The result of rigorous statistical analysis using published methods following the resolution of appeals shall be respected by the Club.

10. As the Club offers game data on the website, games that have been played by an online account that has subsequently been closed or flagged for cheating will be flagged with a small note:

11. Results that have been affected by cheating will be edited on the Club website if the same decision to do so is taken by the event organiser.

12. Care will be taken to ensure that the Club's data is correct, but inaccuracies on the website as a result of articles 10 and 11, may be corrected if the Club is informed.