2019/20 Season

Last Updated: 09:20 18th April

29 Aug 2020:

After qualifying for the final of the Delancey 2020 UK Chess Challenge 960 tournament, Aron finished a clear second with 4½/6 in the U18 section!

25 Aug 2020:

It was a tough night as the three club teams kicked off their 4NCL Online campaigns. Downend 1 managed a 2-2 draw against local rivals West is Best B. The Rook1Es, fresh into Division 2, were narrowly pipped by Shropshire 2 1½-2½. Downend 2, despite not officially promoting, were bumped to Division 3 and had a hard night against Wimbledon 2, losing ½-3½. Games are up, and a match report is on its way!

Update: The match report appeared quicker than expected!

23 Aug 2020:

To the surprise of very few, the Sunday Swiss was won by GM Danny Gormally with a full 7/7! Oli came second with 6/7 (no prizes for guessing where that point was dropped), and Samy finished third with an excellent 5/7. Well done to all participants!

20 Aug 2020:

The club night next week (26th August) has been cancelled due to venue availability. Normal service (such as it is!) will resume in September.

Update: The J4NCL is back in action! The Downend Upstarts are in Division 1 and started with a tough night against Watford Juniors A, scoring 2½-5½. The Bristol Bishops had a great night though, scoring an excellent 6-2 against Leicestershire Juniors 5!

18 Aug 2020:

Yate & Sodbury are also hosting weekly online chess. Their group is open to all and their tournaments are played every Tuesday evening!

17 Aug 2020:

Numbers were the issue for the Bristol Juniors in the latest county battle. Oli and Aron scored top for the whole division with two excellent performances, though the team managed a mid-table finish.

14 Aug 2020:

Our committee for restarting OTB play has set out guidelines for players who wish to get back to in-person chess (club members or not!). A quick link will also remain in the header for the time being!

11 Aug 2020:

In exciting news, the next Bristol Swiss (on August 23rd) will feature GM Daniel Gormally, so now is a great time to get involved and test your blitz skills!

9 Aug 2020:

In exciting online news, we are pleased to announce that the club will be running all three 4NCL Online teams for season 2. Squad registrations are still open, so if you've not got in touch, but want to play, please do!

The Sunday Swiss was won very convincingly by Oli with a full 7/7 and astonishing performance rating! Alice was second with 5½ and Andrew took third with 5. Stay tuned for exciting news about the next tournament!

Update: We've finally tracked down a stream of the event from Florin Ionescu of South Bristol!

5 Aug 2020:

Club nights are back! Ten of our keenest members came to the first club night since 11th March. The evening worked very well and everyone was clearly happy to see real opponents over real boards! It almost felt as though nothing had changed, although now of course there is plenty of hand sanitiser and spray around. We're looking forward to seeing more people next week! To avoid disappointment, we recommend players book in with Steve ( who will be hosting club nights.

Of course, club photographer John documented the night:

3 Aug 2020:

The Bristol Junior team had another respectable showing in the latest Inter-County Battle with particularly strong results for Oli, Max Walker, and Aron! If there are any other Bristol-based (or nearly Bristol-based) juniors that are interested in joining the team, please join here.

30 Jul 2020:

The sub-committee responsible for restarting over-the-board chess has met with Derrick to set out plans for how such chess would work at the club. While there are a few more details to be sorted out, a picture of how things could be run is starting to take shape:

From next Wednesday the club will be open to 18 people, split into groups of 6. Parents count towards these figures and are automatically placed in the group with their children. Each of these groups of 6 will be spread apart from other groups, and players are able to play with anyone within their own group, but games against other groups and walking around will not be allowed. After each game, clocks will be disinfected and left to dry for 45 seconds before another game can be started. At the end of the evening all equipment will be sprayed and left to air dry before being put away. There will also be a list of safety rules put up by Derrick that must be followed.

It may become necessary to organise club nights with phone arrangements beforehand to organise places and groups.

As such, expect an update soon on club nights!

29 Jul 2020:

The next Bristol Swiss online blitz tournament is available to join! It's on Sunday the 9th August, starting at 18:30!

26 Jul 2020:

It may have felt a long time coming, but new grades are out! There are some good improvements to be seen, so well done! Clicking on a name on the Players page will bring up the latest grade.

Update: There was a very close finish at the top of the Bristol Swiss tournament, with Mike Harris coming ahead on tiebreaks with 6/7! Oli was second by the narrowest of margins also on 6/7. Alice was third with a solid 5½/7. Stay tuned for the next event!

25 Jul 2020:

Don't forget about the second Bristol Swiss event tomorrow evening starting at 18:30. There's 7 rounds of 5 minutes +2 second games. We hope to see you there!

22 Jul 2020:

There are more award winners! Steve is the winner of the Club Championship, Aron takes both the Jack Milton Cup and the Junior Trophy, Andrew Munn retains the President's Trophy for another year, and the Ian Ponter Trophy goes to Oli!

Details for the club AGM will appear in due course.

We can also announce that a sub-committee has been formed to look into ways of re-starting chess at the club. It consists of Grant Daly, Richard Livermore, Per Saunders, Steve Meek, and Ian Pickup, and they shall liaise with Derrick Walker to ensure that we comply with any protocols he has put in place for safety at the Cross Hands.

21 Jul 2020:

The votes are in for the Mike Wood Trophy and while every game scored respectably, this year's winner was Aron for his particularly special attack against John Waterfield!

20 Jul 2020:

The latest Junior Inter-County Battle saw the Bristol team score well, but attendance was down, which cost the team. Next time it'll be a promotion news item! Well done to Aron and Oli for particularly strong performances!

16 Jul 2020:

The second seasons of the 4NCL Online and J4NCL Online have been announced! They begin on August 25th and August 20th respectively, running until December with fortnightly matches. If you're interested in taking part please get in touch as soon as possible!

15 Jul 2020:

Don't forget that there are only 5 days left to have your say in the Mike Wood Trophy vote for the best attacking game of the season! The vote is for club members, and if you haven't yet got an account, please get in touch to have one set up!

12 Jul 2020:

Oli qualified for the upcoming UKCC Terafinals, by finishing a very impressive third in a strong field of 66 of the UK's toughest juniors.

The Bristol Swiss tournament was won by Derek Pugh with a very impressive 8/9. Hot on his heels was Oli on 7½, and Oscar was third on 6½ winning the performance prize. The grading prize was won by Dave Tipper with 4½, the junior prize by Aron on 5½, and the special prize to Alice Lampard. Well done to everyone taking part and thanks go to John for organising.

9 Jul 2020:

It's time to introduce not one, but two new sections available for everyone! First we have Tyson's Choice, which will feature a collection of games that haven't been showcased to date, but are well worth a viewing, plus they feature FM analysis. On top of that, we have Tyson's Analysis, which will feature interesting analysis with demonstrative games. These can also both be found under the Published links we have in the Games and History tabs. Both sections will be added to over the coming months, but for now, there's no reason to not be prepared for Qg3 in the Najdorf.

8 Jul 2020:

Don't forget this coming Sunday is the 9-round 3+2 blitz Swiss tournament on lichess! To enter, please join the Bristol Swiss team on lichess, and then join the tournament.

6 Jul 2020:

Official online chess appears to be here to stay, and with it comes the question of cheating. To help clear up some of the myths and answer some of your questions, we've compiled an explanation of how the ECF handles the issue and an FAQ section in a new Online Cheating page that can be found under our Links section. As a work in progress, any questions that haven't yet been addressed can of course be added.

Update: The Bristol Juniors team had another fine showing in the top division of Inter-County Battles, finishing 4th. Special mentions go to Max French and Indy Scott-Moyers for their particularly excellent performances.

3 Jul 2020:

Aryan scored a fantastic result in the ECF Online Junior U1700 bullet tournament with fewer games played than many finishing in the same bracket, but an excellent performance. Aryan's excellent score earnt him 4th place out of the large field!