Club Awards

The Club championship was first contested in 1950. In most years it was run in several sections and in others it was a knockout with a separate competition for those knocked out in the first round. In the early years there was also a handicap competition.

In 1951 the following trophies were presented:
W H Rolls presented a silver trophy for the Club Championship;
Howard Rowcliffe presented a silver trophy for the handicap competition;
J A Lamb presented a trophy for the Junior handicap competition.

The Rowcliffe trophy does not appear to have been awarded after the early 1970s.

In 1969 the family of the late Jack Milton presented a cup which is awarded to the player winning the most League points in the season.

A trophy for the best junior (under 18) was instituted in 1983.

In 1993 the President John Griffee donated the President’s Trophy for the winner of the lower section of the Club Championship. When the championship was run in a single section it became a grading prize. Also in 1993 a new junior trophy for the winner of the club’s junior competition was introduced. In years when there was no junior competition it was awarded to the junior with the best performance in the League.

Since 2009 the club has not run a closed championship, but has held a Summer Lightning Tournament open to players from other clubs. Since then the Club Championship has been awarded to the player with the best grading performance in Division 1 of the League and the President’s Trophy to the Downend player graded under 150 with the best performance in the Summer Tournament.

In 2018 the Mike Wood Trophy was added for the best attacking game of the season and the Ian Ponter Cup was added for the highest scoring club member of the summer rapidplay.

YearClub ChampionshipHandicap cupJunior cupJack Milton CupJunior trophy
1950Hughie HowellH Frankcum---
1951G A ThompsonW J Matthews---
1952Howard RowcliffeMrs E LawJohn Pitcher--
1953W J Matthews-Denys Wright--
1954-Ken CleakDenys Wright--
1955Mike WoodFreddie WeidnerRaymund Fry--
1956D J S Waterhouse-Alan MacMenemy--
1957W J MatthewsMike WoodD Coleman--
1958W J MatthewsMichael GregoryR G Knight--
1959Dave MarchR G KnightGraham Benger--
1960W J MatthewsMike PassmoreMike Passmore--
1961Mike WoodPete JonesKen Cleak--
1962Mike PassmoreP FoxKen Cleak--
1963Mike PassmoreDennis MarchDerek Wise--
1964-Ian PickupRoger Evans--
1967Ian PickupPeter MillenerStephen Tovey--
1968Dave Lemoir----
1969Roger MartinGordon Wells-Stephen Tovey-
1970Mike BelstenJack Taylor-Jack Taylor-
1971Mike Passmore
Jack Taylor
-Peter MillenerStephen Tovey-
1972Richard Kendall-Alan MarksMike Brigden-
1973---Mike Brigden-
1974Mike Wood--Colin Powney-
1975---Fred Guyatt-
1976---Brian Youd-
1977Mike Wood--Tony Best-
1978Steve Maggs--Peter Millener-
1979Tyson Mordue--John Spry-
1980Tyson Mordue
Mike Brigden
-Tony BestMike Osborn-
1981Tyson Mordue
Mike Brigden
-A BurbridgeJerry Humphreys-
1982Tyson Mordue
Mike Brigden
-Tony BestRichard Garrett-
1983Mike Brigden-Tony BestMark GilborsonTony Macrae
1984Ian Pickup
Mike Brigden
-James WaineMike BrigdenTony Macrae
1985Tyson Mordue-Jonathan BuddMike Handley
Peter Millener
1986Graham Burgess--Tony BestGraham Burgess
1987Tyson Mordue-Andrew PearceMike BrigdenSean Elliott
1988Tyson Mordue-Nigel PurryRichard PalmerAndrew Pearce
1989Tyson Mordue--John GriffeeChris Purry
1990---Chris Purry-
1991---Mike Rabbitt-
1992Tyson Mordue--Jerry HumphreysDaniel Bateman
YearClub ChampionshipJack Milton CupJunior trophyNew Junior trophyPresident's trophy
1993Tyson MordueMike BinksDaniel BatemanJames MilesBob Selway
YearClub ChampionshipJack Milton CupJunior trophyPresident's trophy
1994Mike BinksMike BinksDaniel BatemanBob Selway
1995Tyson MordueAndrew PalmerRobert PritchardColin Powney
1996Tyson MordueNigel WilcoxRobert PritchardBob Selway
1997Tyson MordueMike WoodRobert PritchardBob Selway
1998Mike Wood
Dave Tipper
Steven Green
Mike Green
Chris HowesMichael Green
1999Mike BrannanNigel WoodMichael GreenMichael Green
2000Jerry HumphreysMike BrannanMichael GreenNorbert Hoffmann
2001Jerry Humphreys
Mike Brigden
Norbert HoffmannJim CockburnNorbert Hoffmann
2002-Mike BrannanJim CockburnPete Johnson
2003Jerry HumphreysAndrew Munn-
2004Ian PonterPeter Chaplin-Mike Brigden
2005Peter ChaplinPaul SpillerWilliam LowryMike Brigden
2006Gareth MorrisPaul SpillerMegan OwensDave Tipper
2007Tyson MordueMike BrigdenWilliam Lowry-
2008Tyson MordueEd VarleyMegan OwensPaul Spiller
2009-Nigel HoskenMatthew WilsonMartin White
2010-Dave WoodcockMatthew WilsonDave Tipper
2011Nigel HoskenNigel WilcoxMatthew WilsonMatthew Wilson
2012Nigel HoskenMatthew WilsonMatthew WilsonDave Tipper
2013Nigel HoskenJohn PainesMatthew WilsonMartin White
2014Chris RussellMichael MeadowsJames ConnorDave Tipper
2015Henry DuncansonMartin WhiteTom CarterDave Tipper
2016Henry DuncansonRichard LivermoreJack TyeDave Tipper
2017Charlie FryOliver StubbsOliver StubbsGrant Daly
YearChampionshipJack MiltonJuniorPresident'sMike WoodIan Ponter
2018Henry DuncansonOliver StubbsOliver StubbsToby KanAron SaundersMichael Meadows
2019Oscar GarciaAndrew MunnJack TyeAndrew MunnAndrew CooperOliver Stubbs
2020Stephen MeekAron SaundersAron SaundersAndrew MunnAron SaundersOliver Stubbs