Downend F vs Clevedon C

6th November 2018 - Downend F vs Clevedon C

Not much a report I am afraid as I was quite focused on not trying to lose without success. Clevedon are top of division 4, so not a bad result really.

Paul had a close game until his opponent attached with a Rook on the 7th rank, whilst Paul's Rook was restricted which led to losing pawns. Paul fought on for as long as he could but couldn't stop one of the pawns promoting to a Queen, game over.

My game was quite balanced from a Sicilian Taimanov opening, when I miscalculated and lost a bishop for 2 pawns. Nevertheless I had good chances with a 2 pawn majority on the queenside, which I thought would be strong in the end game. However it was not to be after missing a fork.

I didn't see much of Sam's game on board 3 other than noticing that he was slowly losing pawns and his opponent's pawns, pieces and King were further forward. But well done Sam who drew. Sam is proving to be our draw specialist in difficult positions.

I didn't really look closely at Billy's game and before I knew it he was along side my board with a pint and a smile after winning. He beat David Wilson who use to play for Downend when his son Matthew used to play for us.

I hope no one was put off by the noise from the bar last night, which came from just 2 people.

Shaun Walsh