Keynsham A vs Downend C

1st November 2018 - Keynsham A vs Downend C

It was a sad result last night, and I'm afraid I have to take the lion's share of the blame. Yes, we lost two other games besides mine, but I think the absence of digital clocks was a relevant factor in both of them. Yes, it's the same for both sides, but the time problems that Andrew and Keith suffered were decisive in both games. The difficulty is, of course, that without increments, and you do get used to them, when time is gone, it is GONE!

Andrew's position was promising, but complex, which firstly pressurised him into perhaps not finding the best line, and then fatally his flag fell. One that got away.

Keith reached a difficult opposite colour bishops ending a pawn down, and although possibly drawn, was difficult enough that the rapidly disappearing two minutes he had on his clock gave him little opportunity to find the way.

Even with these losses, a match win should have been possible, due to wins by Toby and Dave and a draw by James.

I didn't see Toby's win as he killed his opponent off so fast, I'd barely finished writing out the names on my scoresheet, and Dave decisively won a rook in the endgame.

My loss was grim from start to finish. I certainly lived up to part of my name; Duffer yes, Captain certainly not. Simply, I allowed myself to take possibly the worst poisoned pawn of the century, and when I say poisoned, my opponent would only touch it wearing rubber gloves.

After this he kept on finding good moves, and got his King onto the surprising safe f3 square.

All in all, he played better than me. Come to think of it, that might be why he won.

So, lost by 2½ to 3½, and currently mid table mediocrity. Bet Cardiff City wouldn't mind a bit of mid table mediocrity right now.

Captain Duffer