Downend F vs Bath University

30th October 2018 - Downend F vs Bath University

Bath Uni only turned up with 3 players, but the uni team came away with the result. They dominated boards 1 and 2 and eventually went on to win comfortably on board 3.

Sam had tough game on board 1 and played very well to draw. His opponent attacked the King side early before Sam castled, Sam did the right thing and exchanged his way out of trouble. But he paid price by giving up pawns in the process. From this position it all looked over, he was a number of pawns down with a Bishop and a Rook, whilst his opponent also had a Rook and a Bishop with the extra pawns. The only hope Sam had was that his opponent's Rook was slightly passive being on the wrong side of an advanced passed pawn, the Bishops were opposite colours, his opponents pawns were slightly lose and Sam also had a passed pawn. Sam tried to advance his own pawn and gradually picked the lose pawns and even picked up the troublesome advanced pawn. Once the Rooks came off he was left with a well earned draw, with a straight forward opposite colour Bishops and pawns ending.

Samy opened ok on board 2, but during the middle game his opponent lined his pieces against Sammy's king, including an open file with a Rook, whilst Samy's pieces were either driven away or too far away to help the King leading to a comfortable win for the Uni team.

Bilal also played well enough in the opening and was ok for a while in the middle game. His opponent's pieces were lined up against Bilal's Knight and when Bilal gave up the defence to attack a Bishop there was a combination of exchanges which left Balal a pawn down, this with an open file was enough for his opponent to go on and win.

Shaun Walsh