Downend F vs University C

9th October 2018 - Downend F vs University C

We have now gone 4 games unbeaten, which has nothing to do with me captaining the team on these 4 occasions of course. I am pleasantly surprised as I don't try and pick the strongest team every week or pick a team based on the opposition.

Not much of a summary this week as I was focused on trying to save my game. Bristol Uni turned up 35 mins late and we started the clocks after 15 mins.

I played the Grünfeld which has so many variations for black that when I lose I wonder why I play it. Anyway my opponent played 2 moves outside of recommended book moves and the 2nd one was a bishop sacrifice and annoyingly I retook with the king when there were much better moves on the board. It was immediately attacked by his queen I quickly got into trouble and lost the game.

Billy played well on board 2 with an interesting rook and pawns endgame, always had the advantage and turned it into a win with his opponent having to exchange his rook for an advanced passed pawn.

I felt sorry for Bilal, who was playing the junior time of 55 mins +10, which meant his opponent was low on time before he started. His opponent's response was to develop as quickly as possibly and throw everything at Bilal's king. I thought Bilal had defended well and thought that he may go on to win given he seemed to be defending well and had a material advantage. However it was not to be, his opponents double rooks and advanced pawn against an exposed king proved to be too much.

Sam played well on board 4 and I can't quite remember, but he had a positional advantage and I think an extra pawn in the end game and completed the task with a good win.

I hasten to add that it is only me that needs to improve.

Shaun Walsh