Downend F vs Hanham B

2nd October 2018 - Downend F vs Hanham B

Paul's game was a closed game with his opponent's pawns all advanced. His opponent broke through on the queenside while Paul grabbed a pawn along the c-file. His opponents following attack on the queenside looked strong, but Paul held on with an exchange of pieces, leaving each side with a knight and rook and a number of pawns. His opponent broke through the centre, but after a fork Paul was left with the rook and his opponent with a knight and a passed pawn on the 6th rank. However Paul defended really well and earned a good draw.

Pat had much of the advantage during his game, 2 pawns up and his opponents King exposed, however his opponent game back fighting with an attack against Pat's kingside pawns and exchanging all bar 1 pawn and a rook a draw was agreed.

Samy's game was very quick and open. Before I knew it he had a passed pawn on the 7th Rank, with a rook alongside. He exchanged his queen for a rook on the back rank, his opponent retook with his queen and Samy skewered his opponent's queen and king, game over. If his opponent retakes, Samy retakes with his pawn and queens, 1-0.

Bilal, a new junior played an excellent match with careful thinking before each move. The middle game was balanced when Bilal played a well timed pawn advance to open up a file for his rook, eventually leading to a pinned knight. His opponent lost a rook in the following exchange and Bilal went on to comfortably win the game.

Shaun Walsh