North Bristol C vs Downend F

27th September 2018 - North Bristol C vs Downend F

Thanks to Samy for stepping in for his first match at the last minute after Sam went down with cold.

Paul played his first game this season and had a strong attack against an exposed king but couldn't quite manage the win with only a knight to support the attack.

Billy appeared to be in trouble early in his game with a piece down and a King caught in the centre and some of his pieces were yet to develop, Billy played on, developing his pieces and I think Tony made a mistake at the end.

Samy had a tough match for his first game and was material down early on and eventually lost.

Well to my game. Sorry guys, I misread the end game and offered a draw after my opponent was simply moving his Bishop around. I thought the game was closed despite a passed pawn, but analysis clearly shows I was winning. See the position below.


I did look at c3, but didn't analyse this enough as it is winning, in fact Fritz shows h4, Bc1 followed by c3 is even stronger. Sorry guys.

Shaun Walsh