Downend C vs Bath B

18th September 2018 - Downend C vs Bath B

What a match!

We welcomed Tan Wei Hao to Downend & Fishponds Chess Club and the mighty C-team. He will be an asset to the club and the teams, both on the chess board and off it too.

The absence of a player of Keith's calibre was bound to be felt, and to be able to find someone who could do the job of replacing him so well was a big bonus.

With 20 minutes left we looked in big trouble.

James was fighting out a draw on board one, again with black, and again against a higher graded opponent. (Don't I love board ones who do that for the team?) Tan was showing some class to beat Clive Walley for a valuable point. He told me afterwards that he was very nervous. Fine! Stay nervous! Keep winning! Toby was having a really tough game against Yuvraj, who is showing fine form at the moment, and just failed to hang on. Richard Palmer likewise succumbed in a difficult rook and pawn ending, to leave us 2½ - 1½ down with only Dave and me to finish. If you looked at our games you would not have had much optimism as Dave was two pawns down in the ending and I was being pushed back by Peter's rampaging connected passed pawns charging down the board at me.

This looked all over at a score of 4½ - 1½ to Bath, but NO!

Things changed. Dave won a rook and the game with it, and I won a knight (well, ok, my opponent lost it) to win too!

So, 3½ - 2½ to us, and six months good luck all used up in one evening.

Captain Duffer