Downend C vs Thornbury

11th September 2018 - Downend C vs Thornbury

We were out-graded on the top boards but had an advantage on the bottom two so we needed as many points as possible from the two Richards. I won my game fairly quickly. Chris' knight ventured into my half of the board and I was able to trap it, then launched an attack against his exposed king with two bishops and a rook that his remaining knight and rook couldn't withstand.

I looked around the other games and saw Richard L was a piece up, then he produced a knight fork so he was as good as won. Dave was up a bishop for two pawns and our other players were at least holding their own. Keith was threatening to trap David's queen but David managed to get rook and knight for it.

Michael put up a stubborn fight a rook down but Richard L eventually prevailed. Dave finished Andrew off and James got an excellent draw on top board against Lynda, but Toby lost. Board 2 was last to finish with David launching a dangerous counterattack with his rook and knight. Keith's king was restricted to a1 and b1, with rook checks on b2 protected by the knight and a2 which couldn't be taken because a knight fork would win the queen, so it was drawn by repetition.

So, a 4-2 victory it was, a very satisfactory start to the season.

Richard Palmer