2018 British Chess Championships

Oli was playing in under 2050 section. He scored 3/5 and was pleased to win the rating prize with a solid performance of 1923.

Richard L and Grant were playing in the under 1750 section. Grant scored 2/5, a very good effort as he chose to play in a higher rating section than he needed to, sharpening himself up for the new season. Richard had a fantastic week and scored 4/5, winning his last game to finish in 3rd place and in the main prizes. Great effort Duffer!


There's a Grob on board 19!

Toby was playing in the demanding 7 round under 12 section. He scored an impressive 5/7 and just finished outside the prizes in 4th place! Toby's only loss was in round two, to the top under 12 boy in the country, and the overwhelming under 12 winner Yichen Han (ECF grade 193!). Toby's best finish in a British championship so far.


Grant and Richard warming up for the rapidplay. John decided to take it easy.

Richard, Grant, Oli and Toby also decided to play in the 9 round Rapidplay on Saturday 4th August. This was won by GM Mathew Sadler with a full house of 9/9! Oli scored 5/9, Toby 4½/9, Grant 4/9 and Richard 3½/9 Toby did particularly well in the rapidplay, and found himself on the top table for most of the day. His best win being in round 4 against Jonathan Wells (ECF 186).

GM Matthew Sadler

Possible new club target GM Matthew Sadler.

We all agreed it had been a great week with much socialising and time to make new chess friends.

We met Mickey Adams during one evening meal in a Pizza restaurant (see the new junior page on Chessit).

We played bullet chess with "The sniper" Charlie Storey (until 1am) in Wetherspoons and the night before shared several beers with Danny Gormally and David Egggleston.

Oli and GM Danny Gormally

Oli getting some ideas from his second; GM Danny Gormally.

One highlight for Oli was having a coaching session with Danny Gormally, and for Toby a highlight was winning a book prize in the commentary room (being the first person in the audience to come up with the correct Grand Master move during a live game).


Toby will likely be doing the commentary at the 2019 British Championships.

If you ever have the chance to play in a British Championship we all highly recommend it. There are several sections to play and some great live Championship chess to watch, and of course, plenty of opportunity to have pint or two with like minded chess folk!


Suspiciously little chess happening.

(Edit: In the main championship, 4NCL regular and future club regular Daniel Young also scored a ridiculous 50%, crushing two IMs on his way!)

John Stubbs