Well done, Clevedon!

10th April 2018 - Downend C vs Clevedon B

Clevedon B brought a strong team in order to pursue their promotion challenge but we should still have been able to give them a fight. It was not to be, although at various stages we had chances to force a close match.

We got off to the worst possible start by losing the bottom three boards. Andrew missed an opportunity to molest Matthew's bishop and ended up losing the exchange. Richard P got nothing from the opening against Stuart and fell into a trap which cost a piece. Although Richard L seemed to be in trouble when approaching the 30 move mark, he had possibilities of a draw by repetition which Chris chose to avoid. In fact the Duffer then had a cunning check which would have more than equalised but he didn't spot it and the game drifted into a bad ending.

The top three were looking much more hopeful though and maybe we could square things up. That prospect disappeared when I messed up a huge advantage against Andrew and also drifted into a bad ending. Adam turned down a draw offer from Paul in order to play for more but it didn't work out and that made it 5-0. Oli held his nerve in time-trouble against Max and won a drawish ending thanks to a coup which forced the last pawn home for a consolation point..

It certainly could (should) have been closer but the important outcome of the evening was that Clevedon assured themselves of a promotion slot. Towards the end of the season a year ago we beat them (well, it was their A team, actually) 5-1 to ensure we just pipped them for the division two championship. So there was a little poetic retribution in this year's effort. Well done to them!

Ian Pickup