Truth is stranger than fiction

27th February 2018 - Horfield vs Downend & Fishponds

Curiously, no one knows anything about this match other than the outcome. Dave "The Scribe" Tipper was called away. Let's see what we can come up with.

Board 1

Attila won in 17 moves. He sacrificed everything but his a-pawn which mated Aaron.

Board 2

It's Henry. It's not exactly a stretch to say that he opened poorly, made the position a bit of a mess, was on the brink of losing, then appeared in the bar simply saying, "Oh yeah, I won".

Board 3

Rich went entirely ambitiously, and was, according to Rich, winning from move 2. Unfortunately, a rare lapse in concentration threw it away and Horfield were lucky to scam a point from this board.

Board 4

Meek went all out aggressive but Dilleigh's powers of the draw put Giri to shame and only one result was ever an option.

Board 5

Nigel got a draw. It was solid, well-played and entirely justified after a lengthy and hard-fought game. Not a short draw at all.

Board 6

Jerry, falling back on previous seasons' style, took a quick draw.

Board 7

Phil played a Schliemann, but Martin had played an Italian and it ended up as a terrible game that I played against Nailsea a few years ago from which I was lucky to scrape a draw. Martin was ruthless and scored a the point.

Board 8

Mike, seeing that the match was safely in the bag, kept his powder in the bag and took a draw.

I started this with the intention of making bits up, but I think you'll agree that this was entirely too plausible.

Michael Meadows