Tough night against Clifton

19th December 2017 - Downend B vs Clifton B

John reports that Clifton B had their strongest team of the season on show ("Now there is a surprise!")

Andrew was on the black side of James's English and by move ten was a quarter of an hour behind on the clock. A tricky position gradually got worse until by move 28, in his own words, "my pieces are completely uncoordinated...A disaster!"

Meanwhile, Mike's French was doing OK for 20 moves, although he, too, was using more time. Unfortunately John found some good moves to break through on the King-side and the score became 0-2.

Oli and Dave steadied the ship with draws against, respectively, Tomas and Anton. Dave had played excellently against the Sicilian but missed one killer move which "would have left black in a complete tangle". (We've all been there!)

Steve started the fightback with a win against Manuel, leaving Attila to see if he could rescue a match point. By move 50 he was a pawn up with a dominant King against Chris in a single bishop ending and, needless to say, by move 70 was playing on increments. The engine says there was a win to be had but Chris fought as he always does and in the end, after they both promoted a Queen, there was too little time to clinch the win.

Not the result we wanted but everyone remained upbeat, and ready to sort South Bristol out in early Jan.

Ian Pickup