A New Year, and a New Experience

4th January 2018 - Thornbury vs Downend D

After half a season of reporting on so many nearly won's it is with great joy that I can report on the D team's first win of the season. It has been long overdue.

We arrived at Thornbury's new venue to find them slightly weakened missing their board 2 David Vaughn, and a quick look at the team sheet showed we had a chance with the bottom 3 boards being fairly evenly match if not slightly in our favour. The top 3 however was a different story, as again we were well out graded.

James continued is great form this season and quickly secured a draw on board 1. A look around the other boards had Richard a piece up on board 2, I had drawing chances on 3 and the bottom 3 looked even, it was going to be close. Richard and Toby secured a win and a draw respectively and we were up 1-2. Dave's position on 3 looked solid, I had recovered from a passed pawn down to be dead level and Jack, though even on pieces, had a nice passed pawn. Things were looking good.

After an exchange of pawns Dave Dugdale offered me a draw which I was happy to take. And soon afterwards Dave and Jim agreed a similar result. It was 2-3 and all down to Jack to try and secure the win, which he did in style forcing home his pawn advantage to get a win and our first match result.

Could this be the start of a revival..? let's hope so. Well played everyone.

Nigel Wilcox