2017 London Chess Classic Rapidplay

Four of our juniors were at the London Chess Classic over the weekend playing in the 6 round Rapidplay on Saturday. There were 4 sections with over 400 players in total. It was an extremely busy day, rather noisy and GM's everywhere. All 4 of our players did themselves proud and scored over 50%.


The juniors' before photo. The after will have their faces on the posters.


Toby Kan 5/6
Thomas Carter 4/6
Fedor Turetskiy 3½/6

Toby had a really excellent tournament. He won his first five games and found himself on a tie for 1st place with two others going into the final round. Not too shabby considering there were 190 in the section!

It was a very close and tense final game for Toby. He dictated the play for most of the game, but his 150 graded opponent, Oren Levene, fought hard to hang in there, and eventually found some counter-play towards the end. He started to harass Toby's queen and in doing so managed to pick off a couple of pawns and finally broke through. It was a very exciting game but a real shame for Toby as he had played so solidly all day.

Tom’s 4/6 was very impressive and back to his best, only losing one game out of six.

Fedor 3½/6 played attacking chess all day, and is improving with every tournament he plays.


Oliver Stubbs 3½/6

Oli found it quite tough in a field of over 90 players. He never gave in and managed to score more than 50%. Overall this was a good effort, as each opponent he played was graded higher than him.


Where the action happened.

John Stubbs