Dr Who

28th November 2017 - Downend A vs University A

We were without both Henry and Richard for our match against the ever-unpredictable Bristol University A-team, however, Jerry had stolen Stephen from the B-team and somehow put a call in to last season to drag Charlie out of retirement. Unfortunately for our two super subs, they had the most difficult games.

Before the match Nigel, advised me to take a quick draw (not that he was necessarily planning on doing the same) as Jerry was likely to continue his Caruana-esque performance and five draws would do for the rest of us. Things did not pan out as easily as expected. Dr Fry took a very long time considering whether to snaffle off the dubious pawn gambit offered by Mark and though he did and appeared to be containing the counter-play, a sudden initiative seemed to spring up around a d6-hole. Steve also seemed to be doing fine in a c3-Sicilian. Philipp and Nigel decided to test the merits of the bishop pair against the knight pair respectively in a semi-closed position, but without any particular weaknesses or holes to exploit the point was split.

My opponent went wrong in a sharp line in the Two Knights Defence, and instead of claiming the initiative was forced into conceding a second pawn, but some inactive play on my part allowed his heavy pieces to become well-placed. Martin was again playing a Sicilian that wasn't his usual, but appeared to have no problems and quickly also found himself up two pawns, though his were doubled but the initiative belonged to him. Jerry was casually winning.

Martin's pawns proved too much for white to handle and he was the first to claim a full point. Not long after, something must've gone wrong in Steve's game though what it was I didn't see and the university pulled it level.

Jerry was able to smoothly score his 8th win on the bounce, and pushed the score to 2½-1½. Charlie appeared to be getting into difficulties but I had the extra pawns against an initiative. Disappointingly, I was much too slow with my ideas and a trick intermezzo from Ethan meant that I wussed out for a draw by repetition though there were probably some ideas for continuing. Unfortunately, Charlie's game went south and the match was drawn.

Michael Meadows