2017 Bristol Winter Congress

Open Section

Lewis Martin: 4/5 (2nd place)

In round four Lewis had a fine draw with Keith Arkell. It was agreed that Lewis always had the upper hand in this game, but in the end couldn't force through his extra pawn.

Oliver Stubbs: 2½/5 (1900 performance)

An excellent first try in an Open section for Oli.

Major Section

Andrew Munn: 3/5

A fine performance by Andrew finishing 5th out of a field of 27 players. His only loss being against the eventual winner Stephen Williams.

Toby Kan: 2/5

Toby is getting more and more accustomed to playing in he Major Section. This included an excellent win in round 3 against a very experienced 144 graded player.

Minor Section

Yuvraj Kumar: 3½/5

Yet another excellent tournament for Yuvraj, finishing 5th out of a considerable field of 43 players. Yuvraj showed great resolve and was unbeaten over the whole weekend; 2 wins and 3 draws.

Fedor Turetskiy: 3/5

Fedor continued his recent good league form with a solid score of 3/5 over the weekend.

Grant Daly: 3/5

A usual solid performance by Grant finishing in the top third of the table.

Jack Tye: 1½/5.

Not a usual strong performance for Jack and although he will not be content with this result, Jack was always very supportive of his team mates.

Elmira Walker: 1½/5

This was Elmira's first weekend congress and she showed great spirit and determination in her play. It was very good to have Elmira at the Congress as a new addition to the usual Downend & Fishponds gang.

Shaun Walsh: ½/5

Shaun is obviously a bit rusty after not being able to play much chess recently. I am sure he will soon be back to his best.

The full gallery from the congress is also available.

John Stubbs