Siclians and lemons

16th November 2017 - South Bristol A vs Downend A

Well, the Dave "Master of Whisperers" Tipper network of games appears to have faltered on this occasion. Thus, this delayed match report will focus on my game even more than normal. Unfortunately for me, it will focus on one move in particular.

Looking at the grades we had a slight paper advantage, but Arturo Wong was making a storming blitz return for South Bristol A and form counts for everything. Fortunately, we had the leader of our revolution on a near 200 performance.


Cherry Guevara

It seemed like Sicilians were brewing on all boards but mine. Henry gave up a pawn for what turned out to be a lasting pressure, even when queens came off. Arturo was belting out moves at record pace while Richard took his time to reach a comfortable position. Nigel and Shane were following some seriously classical theory (as far as I could tell) while Humphrey and I developed one or two pieces and then shuffled them around a closed board and I wedged two connected passed pawns on the 4th rank quite quickly.

Martin deviated from the the Martin variation quite early but I don't know if this is a permanent change or not. Jerry, playing like the 200 that he is, was already quite comfortable with the black pieces.

Having amassed an epic time advantage Arturo, clearly confident in his position, offered the draw. Richard, spotting the clock situation and looking at the number of comfortable boards decided to agree. Not long after, Martin also decided to split the point. Happy with my position I was give the opportunity to unleash a discovered attack on the queen:


Do I play 22... Nd8 23. Ba4 Nec6, or do I play 22... Nd4??

I did not hold on long after that. Thankfully (from what I hear), Henry managed to convert the positional pressure against Patryk, Nigel managed to convert his queenside space advantage having survived the kingside onslaught, and Jerry managed to go 7/7 with another win. Perhaps this will keep the pressure on Horfield A, who remain 4 points clear at the top of the league having played one extra match. There's still a long way to go!

Michael Meadows