2017 Torbay Congress

Major - Under 170 section

Robert Taylor had an excellent weekend of chess, scoring 4½/5, in a field of 40 players. Robert needed to win his last game to ensure at least share of 1st place. He achieved this and indeed shared 1st place with Plamen Sivrev from Plymouth chess club. Congratulations to Robert on his fabulous play, and impressive performance of 197.


Intermediate - Under 140

Richard Livermore played his usual implacable style of chess and showed great resilience to finish with a fine score of 3/5. Richard's performance was a solid 141, with two fine wins along the way. Richard also secured a share of the section grading prize. Well done Richard.

Jack Tye had a pretty tough Saturday, but showed great spirit and tenacity to win both his games on Sunday. This included an excellent win against Paul Brackner, graded 132 in round four. Richard tells me that Jack also won "a beautiful" last game with an inspired rook sacrifice. This opened up the position and soon overwhelmed his opponent. Jack finished with 2½/5 and a fine performance of 124. Well played Jack.

Grant was also in action and scored 1/5 in the difficult section.

Foundation - Under 120

Despite not currently playing for the club, Shaun Walsh was busy in the foundation section and scored 1½/5.

John Stubbs