Never say die!

9th November 2017 - North Bristol A vs Downend C

It's Filton and it's Thursday, so it must be North Bristol away. Shall it be the bar or the skittle alley, we wonder? No, it's the squash court. Good! They have excellent drinks facilities there. But first, a straw poll agreed that the very noisy air-conditioning should be turned off, even if it might get a bit warm.


Much like chess, they key is to control the centre.

We are at full strength, if you'll pardon the pun. After an hour or so a picture emerges. We are level overall as Richard L's excellent Q-side play counter-balances Andrew's repeated flirtations with the Scandinavian against NB's new superstar, Chris Smith (no, not a ringer from Thornbury). Arguably the best thing that came out of tonight's escapade was that Andrew promises never to use that opening again. I think the jury's out on that one.

Andrew was probably first to finish but unfortunately the next two results were also losses. Richard P had a quite decent game against Michael but found a few less than optimum moves, coupled with a rather horrendous one, so that was Goodnight Irene.

Bristol Rovers


Robert, meanwhile, had a wild affair with Graham, from which I somehow assumed he would conjure an advantage. But Graham contrived to threaten to align his Queen and light squared bishop against Robert's fianchettoed set-up. The only trouble was there was no Bg2 and the White King found himself breathing a lot of fresh air.

So now, our master plan came into play. You may recall I said after our last match that there was no point being ahead at half time, as we would only mess it up. First Richard L efficiently converted his advantage against Richard M (son of our erstwhile Treasurer, no less!). So, now only 1-3 down.

It was about now that we thought the air-conditioning had re-started as the sound of a machine gun burst out. But it transpired it was only because Dominique had drawn a coffee from the beast in the corner of the room. Suitably refreshed, he had recovered well from apparently being under threat of a Rook invasion on an open file and had started to turn the tables nicely against Steve.

Meanwhile, I was embroiled in a very unclear game. I spent too much time on a plan to trap a piece and found myself facing an unclear and dangerous counter attack by Roy. There were too many mistakes on both sides and, fortunately for me, the last one was Roy's.

So it was all down to the last men standing, Dominique and Steve, and our man proved he had seen enough to convert a Rook ending and clinch the drawn match. Two excellent wins and one lucky one were enough to save the day.

Unlike our trip to Clevedon, when we went from 3-0 to 3-3, we showed resilience last night to reverse things. One wonders what fate awaits us in the next outing, against the formidable Downend and Fishponds D!

Ian Pickup