Still basking contentedly!

7th November 2017 - Downend B vs Horfield A

Word on the street was that it had leaked that two of our stalwarts were unavailable so the bookies had Horfield A as unlikely favourites to defeat our B team. In fact Andrew also succumbed to the lurgy a couple of hours before the match, so a third reserve was called up and you'll be relieved to hear that William Hill are not going out of business.

It meant that the grading disparity is too difficult to calculate, about 20 per board at a rough estimate. In view of this, the aim was to enjoy the occasion and just do the best we could. To preserve planned colours the three C teamers took the even boards with White.

First to finish was Dominique who, by his own admission, could not remember the correct moves in the Jaenisch Gambit variation of the Ruy and was soon invaded by Phil in a most unfriendly fashion. It became 2-0 as Steve was gradually overwhelmed by Alex, culminating in the loss of the exchange for no discernible compensation on an open board.

Mike had a moderately boring game with Derek, “tense rather than eventful”, the sort of thing Jerry trademarked last season, and with the odd better move missed on both sides, a draw was a fair result.

I think I was next to finish. I remembered enough of the Sveshnikov Sicilian to last 28 moves against Aaron with the engine rating varying between plus or minus half a pawn thanks to inaccuracies on both sides. Then a mighty aberration on my part caused immediate resignation. I don't know whether to be pleased at holding on so long or as sick as the proverbial parrot.

Andrew also fell foul of the curse of the 29th move. Having more than held Jon comfortably enough in what I believe they call the Centre Game, move 29 turned = into minus 5 and move 30 turned minus five into mate in 9. Oh well, we've all done it. That makes two poorly psittacines!


It's resting!

Fortunately Dave avoided the epidemic. An inaccuracy around move 15 left him half a pawn down against Harvey but he invested time in conjuring various threats which seriously complicated the game. By move 20 it was back level, then Harvey gained the upper hand again only to miss a killer move, after which Dave became a rook up but only had half a minute remaining when they called it a day. In a most entertaining game, Dave had done brilliantly to hang in with so little time remaining while under very dangerous attack.

Well done Horfield, however, will they rue dropping two whole draws if game points finally decide the Championship? Mind you, it's not immediately obvious who is going to stop their winning run. Meanwhile, we bask contentedly in mid-table!

Ian Pickup