October 2017 Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay

This weekend was the Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay organised by Downend's John Stubbs and our friendly arbiter Geoff. It was a massive success in more ways than one. There were record numbers of entries with Downend being well represented in all 3 sections, good prize money up for grabs, a Juniors bullet chess challenge and John even managed to organise the sun and fine weather to be present. (Oh, i almost forgot to mention the free teas and biscuits and the lunchtime piano performances from Oli and Mike.)


Originally the bullet challenge was for the juniors, but who doesn't want to flag a 227?

However, the results were even more pleasing, with Downend players taking home approximately 50% of the prizes. Results for prize winners as follows:

Open Section

Lewis Martin - 2nd (4/6)

Attila Reznak - 3rd (3½/6)


Oli Stubbs - 1st (5/6)


I guess it's time to start winning the Opens now.


Toby Kan and Yuvraj Kumar - Joint 1st (5/6)

Aron Saunders - Junior prize (3/6)

Shaun Walsh - Grading prize (3/6)


I'm sure there were prizes for other players, though.

The results were particularly pleasing for our juniors grabbing top spots in Minor and Major sections. In fact, Somerset Juniors took all placings for Minor and Major sections. Full results can be see on Chess Results.

A big thanks to John and Geoff for running such a great event.

David Kan