Back to School (For Some)

26th October 2017 - University B vs Downend D

Once again we turned up for another David vs Goliath game this time against the University's second team, packed with players who would not be out of place in Division 1. Added to our troubles was the last minute loss of our Board 1 James, and with our regular super subs engaged elsewhere Grant stepped up at short notice to help us out.

I have to admit that I did not see much of the other matches as I was concentrating so hard on my own game, so just a brief synopsis of the results this time. First to submit to the power of our opposition was Dave, Jack followed soon after. The rest of us fought on some doing better than others. Mike and Grant were under pressure and succumbed a little later on. Toby was more than holding his own and after a struggle in the opening I was a pawn up but my opponent had several mating lines. Toby pressed on his advantage to get a very nice win, his first of the season. I swapped a rook for two pieces and in the process picked up another couple of pawns which was enough to get us another point and make the score respectable.

Each game we play, we are getting good individual performances, we just have to do it all at the same time to get that elusive first win.

Nigel Wilcox