So Nearly A Win

19th October 2017 - South Bristol B vs Downend D

Missing Mike and Toby for our match against South Bristol B we drafted in what are rapidly becoming our super subs in the form of the two Richards, Palmer and Livermore, and once again they did us proud.

Out graded by more than twenty points a board, and only James on board 1 out grading Dave Neagle on board 6 we sat down for a tough match.

It wasn't too long before Jack on board 6 was overpowered by his vastly more experienced opponent, though Dave was impressed by the fight he put up. Everyone else was holding their own, and a few boards were looking promising. Then came the first surprise, Richard Palmer won a very tactical match with Ian Bourne which I have submitted for publishing on the club web site. This was soon followed by James overcoming Richard Garrett for our second win, another great result and we were ahead for the first time this season!

Having completely messed up my opening, I had somehow managed to block up the position and was a pawn ahead when Dorota offered me a draw which given the match position and that on the two remaining boards I gladly took. Richard L offered a draw soon after but this was declined on the basis that our opponents were losing. Both games were evenly positioned, and a win looked a distinct possibility. Then Dave's concentration broke and he lost a knight and with it the game.

Neville almost immediately offered Richard a draw, which given the position seemed the likely outcome, and was gratefully accepted enabling us to win our second unexpected point of the season. A great result against strong opposition; if we can play like this against some of the weaker teams we might get a win yet.

Nigel Wilcox