52nd Dorset Congress

Robert Taylor - Open section

Robert was the 2nd lowest seeded player in a field of 23 players. However, he scored 2/5 and his highlight was in round three were he showed sublime endgame technique in his draw against Philip Tozer (194).

The Open section was particularly strong on the top tables with three titled players in attendance. The winner was Gabor Horvath from Hungary (do you know him Attila?), and he won the Open title for the 2nd year in succession.


Gabor Horvath vs IM Alan Merry

Oliver Stubbs - Major Section

Oli had a solid performance of 3½/5. He was competing for 1st place right up until the last round, yet despite his best efforts he could not breakthrough and a draw was agreed. Oli finished joint 3rd in a field of 22 players and received overall best junior prize.


Round Four - Ivor Annetts vs Oliver Stubbs

Grant Daly - Intermediate section

Grant scored ½/5 which was not a true reflection of his play at all. He competed well in all his games and was unfortunate not to win in at least two of his games, where for the majority of the play he was clearly ahead.


Round One - Intermediate Section

Richard Livermore - Intermediate section

Richard scored a solid 3/5 and was a front runner throughout the whole weekend. In his last game he was also competing for first place. Richard was in a strong position throughout the game, and it was a real shame that the tables turned only in the last few moves. He was extremely unlucky to lose.


Sunday Lunch Boscombe Pier

It was an enjoyable weekend and the event was well run by tournament organiser Ian Clarke with our own intrepid (and he needed to be) Chief Arbiter Mr Gammon, making sure everything ran like clockwork. There was a funny moment at the end of Robert's draw in round three when Mr Gammon could not help himself laughing. He then stood up straight and immediately reminded everyone to be quiet. Please see Geoff or Robert for the rest of the story !

John Stubbs