2017 Northern Gigafinals

The Northern Gigafinals was held in Manchester this weekend with 3 of our juniors competing. They all did amazingly during the Megafinals, but the competition was sure to be a lot tougher at the Gigas.


Biggest blunder of the weekend, Jack when he realises he’s wearing the same shirt as Toby’s dad.

Aron and Toby were both playing in the U11 Boys which was split into 2 groups due to the large numbers. Aron was playing in Group A and Toby in Group B. Jack was competing in the U13 Boys.


Posing with their new Gigafinals hoodies.

The boys had a fantastic start with Jack on 2/3, Aron 2½/3 and Toby 3/3 at the half way point and with a chance of prizes for all scores above 3½, the boys were not going to ease off.

The afternoon went the same with all boys winning 2 out of their 3 games in the afternoon. It was an amazing effort from our lads and no doubt Downend have one of the strongest group of Juniors in Bristol.

The final results were:
· Jack 8th in the U13 Boys :- 4 out of 6
· Aron joint 5th in the U11 Boys A :- 4½ out of 6
· Toby joint 3rd in the U11 Boys B :- 5 out of 6

Jack and Toby

All our boys won medals. :)


Toby and his ticket to the Teras.

Toby progresses into the National Terafinals Challengers tournament in August. I'll keep you posted on how he does. But what an amazing effort from our lads, over 40,000 juniors enter this competition, only the top 4% get to the Gigafinals. The baton now gets handed over to our other juniors Oli and Tom who are competing in the Southern Gigafinals next weekend. Good luck to them both. I'm sure Mr Stubbs will keep us posted.

David Kan