Junior match versus Chepstow

Our new, and first annual junior chess match against Chepstow juniors was held yesterday evening at the club.

It was a six a side match, each player getting two games, with a lovely buffet at half time.

After the 1st round the score was 3-3, and after the 2nd round the final score ended up 6-6.


Anyone proposing a junior team in the league will have to code the site for me.

This is the first time our juniors have all played together in a match but for sure it will not be the last!


Jack and Tom pretending not to be competing on who could win first.

A special mention goes to Noah Berridge who made his debut for the club. In his 2nd game, Noah held his nerve in a very close match, and beat an opponent graded just under a 100. A very promising start for Noah.


The club's latest hustler: Noah Berridge.

A huge shout out goes to Henry and Chris for supporting the event for the whole evening, offering coaching and analysis to all.


Club superstars Henry and Toby offer up-and-comer Chris some advice.

Also a big thank you to Mike. B, Ian. P and Jerry. H for also coming along and supporting the event.

It was a lovely evening, but our juniors were still as competitive as ever. Most of the Chepstow team make up the bulk of The Welsh Dragons 4 NCL team and tough nuts to crack they were. There were some very close games going right down to the wire with quite complicated and unclear endgames.

Finally, I would like to thank the legend that is Geoff Gammon, for being the M.C for the evening and also holding the very popular "Geoff's quiz corner" in the bar!

John Stubbs