2017 Gloucestershire Megafinals

The Gloucestershire Megafinals were held this weekend at a new venue, Kings School in Gloucester, but what hadn't changed was the strength of junior chess in the county. Having qualified earlier in the year, 3 Downend boys were playing at the tournament, Aron and Toby in the Under 11s and Jack in the U13. 6 tough games was always guaranteed with the best juniors players in the county and an opportunity to qualify for the national Gigafinals in Manchester.

The Under 11 section was rammed with appropriately 30 players, but it was our Downend boys that stood out. The only 2 players in the section to win all their games up to Round 4, they were paired against each other for Round 5. Toby came up top this time, but for those who don't know, Aron is a very strong and talented player and have already beaten many experienced players since joining the club. Toby eventually won the age group with 6/6 and title of U11s Gloucestershire Supremo. Aron finishing 2nd with 5/6.

Jack was competing in the U13, with a smaller number of entries the organisers grouped together​ the U13 with the U12. This made it a much tougher field, but it wasn't a problem for our Jack. He did fantastic, winning all 6 games, a clear winner in his age group and U13 Gloucestershire Supremo.

So, 1,1,2 and all three boys qualifying for the Gigafinals in Manchester. An amazing result for our boys and Downend Chess Club. Manchester here we come!!


David Kan