Round 11

1st May 2017 - Downend & Fishponds vs White Rose 2

Another match starting as an uphill struggle, outgraded on all but the top board, where White Rose had swapped round for the benefit of a player who only ever takes the Black pieces.

Steve and Mike both equalised early with Black which took us off to a good start. David's opponent had sacrificed a piece for two pawns which looked dubious though potentially dangerous if not properly neutralised, and Daniel's opening worked well for an early win of a piece which forced his opponent to resign on just move 12.

While Daniel was bouncing off the walls Martin steered his game into a careful draw and Max kept good activity after a successful opening against his 197 graded opponent to put in the second win for the team. By this time David was consolidating for a win and Nigel had won his opponent's isolated e pawn so only Chris was left with difficulties.

After a long wait in which Nigel had a draw turned down and Chris's opponent gave up a piece for which he eventually retrieved four pawns, things became a bit clearer. David spent a long time consolidating then Nigel's opponent took a draw by repetition bringing us to 4 points. Mike spent a load of time with Ben Edgell on the Internet creating their fantasy chess teams. Chris generated play but ran short of time and though there were thin chances to continue it all proved too much. But David reduced to a technical ending where his opponent could only resign.

So a happy ending after struggling to win matches in Rounds 4-9. Star performers were Steve Dilleigh Daniel Young and Richard Savory. We are currently trying to recruit one or two players for next season as many of the squad are very keen to continue in Div 2.

Jerry Humphreys