Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay - Apr 2017

What is likely to be the last CS Rap (as I like to call it) took place on 22nd April. I had advertised the fact that my wife and I are moving away, and a good crowd turned up for my swansong, 43 players in all. The Open section was disappointingly small, but the Minor made up for it! Anyway, I think all enjoyed themselves, and I certainly did.

The juniors put in a good showing once again, and North Bristol showed their strength. It was good to see Yate players taking part, and winning a major prize for the first time ever!

The Open was jointly won by Downend's new player Attila Reznak and South Bristol's Paul Helbig with 5/6. The grading prize (Under 200) was won by Dominic Bennett, and I don't think anybody was more surprised than he was.

The Major was won by Yate's Andrew Penn, who last had a rapidplay grade (123) in the year 2000! His brother Richard, whose last grade was 177 in 1994, played in the Open and finished with a creditable 3/6. Three players finished joint second in the Major with 4, namely Duncan Macarthur of Keynsham, Adrian Champion, currently Keynsham but playing for Yate next season, and Nigel Towers from Redditch. The grading prize went to North Bristol's Michael Fielding.

The Minor, the biggest section by a distance, was much clearer, with Jack Tye repeating his win from the previous tournament last October, and Nick Cunliffe finishing second. As the section was so large (21 players, compared to 12 in the Major and 10 in the Open), there were two grading prizes. The prize for grades between 93 and 110 was won by Pete Saunders, putting in a rare appearance in a tournament, and the Under 92 by Fredrik Carpelan of Taunton.

I received a delightful surprise at the prize giving when a card and a bottle of wine were presented to me. That was very nice, and a decent wine too. I said at the time it wouldn't make it through the evening and it didn't.

Although that's it for me in Bristol tournaments (for now at least), I don't expect to disappear completely. I've already been lined up for arbiting duties in Devon, and I may well escape to Bristol for an occasional tournament to play in, perhaps even a Chipping Sodbury rapidplay if someone else takes it on...

Graham Mill-Wilson