2017 National Chess Club Championship

Downend & Fishponds were represented at the National Club Championships by 3 juniors and a Welsh captain at St John's Hotel in Solihull at the weekend. The team was as follows:

Richard Livermore 131
Oliver Stubbs 128
Toby Kan 124
Jack Tye 112

We entered the Minor section. This was a four round event for teams with an aggregate grade no higher than 500.

Saturday 12.30

In the first round we played Leamington Chess Club and despite all games going the distance they ended up beating us 3-1. Well played though to our skipper Richard!

James Madden (122) 0 - 1 Richard Livermore (131)
Tom Darling (166) 1 - 0 Oliver Stubbs (128)
Peter Leggett (92) 0 - 1 Toby Kan (124)
Ben-Rashed Mohammed (117) 1 - 0 Jack Tye (112)
3 - 1

Not the start we were hoping for, however Toby was in a commanding position for most of the game until right at the end as was Jack. That is chess I suppose!

We licked our wounds and took a leisurely stroll into town to find a nice healthy snack!


A quick snack before Round 2.

Saturday 17:00

We were very determined to make up for the first round, and we did with a good solid unbeaten win against Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club. Well done to Jack for a wicked checkmate that his opponent just did not see coming!

Richard Livermore (131) ½ - ½ Ben Harte (133)
Oliver Stubbs (128) ½ - ½ Charlton Siddo (133)
Toby Kan (124) ½ - ½ Alex Collyer (123)
Jack Tye (112) 1 - 0 Nigel White (95)
2½ - 1½

So, at the end of day one we had a 50% record, with DHSS Chess Club leading the way with the only 100% record.

In the evening we decide to try an even healthier supper and by chance found a wonderful Chinese restaurant in town. A wonderful meal, with even better company.


Saturday night dinner.

Sunday 11.00

In round three we were drawn against the front runners DHSS and were very happy with this. We knew to get back in contention we needed to beat the best.

This was a long long tussle with all games going the distance. Somehow we managed to lose 3-1, but it could quite easily have been the other way round. Richard gave it everything and matched his opponent all the way, only losing due to time trouble at the end. Oli tried an early assault which very nearly worked, but then was forced to retreat and defend a fragile queen. In desperation he tried a wild attack towards the end, but passed pawns won the day. Toby was our sole victor in this round and simply outplayed his opponent. His concentration and determination was there to see right from the start. Be careful when Toby is in this mood! He eventually ended his opponents misery with a nasty rook fork, well done Toby. Jack again outplayed his opponent and towards the endgame captured a rook for a knight. It looked like that was it, but somehow Jack could not breakthrough and had to take the draw. He was not happy, not for himself, but for the team. A real team player.

Richard Livermore (131) 0 - 1 Paul Carlucci (155)
Oliver Stubbs (128) 0 - 1 Brian Skinner (115)
Toby Kan (124) 1 - 0 Alex Collyer (123)
Jack Tye (112) ½ - ½ Mike Smith (105)
1½ - 2½

Sunday 16.00

So one more round to go. After lunch and an inspiring team talk from Captain Livermore we moved on to the last round determined to finish on a high note. Everyone seemed more determined than ever and although playing a lesser grade team in Coventry Chess Academy we showed no mercy at all, completely finishing them off within two hours. A crushing victory 3½-½!

Richard Livermore (131) ½ - ½ David Phillips (145)
Oliver Stubbs (128) 1 - 0 Estera-Alexandra Ercsei (117)
Toby Kan (124) 1 - 0 Iolanda-Elisabata Ercsei (110)
Jack Tye (112) 1 - 0 Arjun Vadgame (82)
3½ - ½

We ended up finishing half way down the table and were not at all satisfied with that. However, it had been a great fun weekend and all the players had bonded even more and had lots of laughs. In saying this though the main consensus from the team was that they felt they had not quite done themselves justice. All agreed unanimously to return next year as there is unfinished business! Until next time!

More pictures from the championship can be found in our Gallery.

John Stubbs