Back in the driving seat

2nd March 2017 - University A vs Downend A

On most boards the University fell behind on the clock and put themselves under pressure. Nigel was first to finish after his draw offer was accepted. Once it became clear that Charlie and Richard were odds on to win Jerry was safe to accept a draw.

Richard looked comfortable after his opponent got his King caught in the open. Charlie's opponent missed a Nd5 swing in an accelerated dragon but held an awkward position well until the time pressure told at the end. Henry was glad to get back to winning ways and put a few losses behind him.

The game of the evening was on board 2 - a very entertaining French Winawer where Chris probably should have lost as Bogdan Manghiuc missed a couple of golden chances to get e6 in at the right moment and crush black. Chris was happy to see all the pieces come off as the pawn count was very healthy with just the queens on.

Dave Tipper