2017 Bristol Spring Congress

Minor Section

This weekend Grant and Shaun were playing in the minor section. Grant scored 4/5, unbeaten for the weekend and finishing in 2nd place. Shaun scored 3/5, with a couple of excellent victories against opponents graded more than 25 points higher and also winning a grading prize.

Major Section

It was great to see Ian making an appearance at the congress. He got off to a flying start and was top of the table after round 3. He ended up finishing on a solid 3/5, only losing one game over the whole weekend.

Oli was making his first appearance in a Major, after his recent grade forced him up top play in the higher section. Although somewhat nervous on Friday evening before round one he soon adapted well and scored a solid 3/5, only losing one game over the weekend.

Open Section

It was also nice to see one of our finest players, Stephen, playing in the open. He scored a solid 3/5 and also only lost one game over the weekend.

The next big Congress coming up is the East Devon Congress in Exeter, March 10th - Sunday March 12th. There are already over 125 entered across all sections. G.M's Keith Arkell and John Nunn are down to play in the Open and there is still plenty of time to enter!

John Stubbs