Peashooters rule OK!

24th January 2017 - Downend D vs South Bristol C

It was a quiet night at the club with most of the big guns playing away but our little peashooters still brought home the bacon.

Oli got the ball rolling with a quick win. He accumulated pawns and was two up by move 20 and four up by move 26! After that he could win any way he fancied.

The only game that looked remotely dodgy was Neil's as he shed a pawn to a neat tactic and was under a lot of pressure against Dorota. Meanwhile both Dave and Richard were winning pawns and prospects looked good. I had considerable pressure against Andy and Nigel was fairly even.

Neil then yielded a knight to bring the score back level. The common feature on the remaining games was that one player was well down on the clock and, unfortunately, the only D&F player running low was me. It meant that Dave and Richard soon had winning advantages to leave us fairly certain of a 3-1 lead.

I now also had a winning position but was down to three minutes against half an hour. Nigel had shed a pawn so there was a danger he could lose. Call me chicken, if you like, but I offered the draw which Andy could hardly refuse. Wouldn't you know it, almost immediately Rod presented Nigel with his Queen, so I needn't have worried.

So, a comfortable win by 4½-1½ in the end, against one of the promotion contenders, keeps us well in the hunt for a top two finish.

Ian Pickup