Only a draw

24th January 2017 - Clifton B vs Downend A

There was a sense of premonition as the city centre was heavily blocked by traffic and many players turned up late for the match. By 8 o'clock Andrew Cooper was the only one still missing (it turned out he was stuck on the M32), and though Jimenez generously waited fifteen minutes there was no sign and that game had to be abandoned.

Henry obtained a poor position against Beaumont and lost convincingly. However Mike Brigden having been press-ganged in to the team had a quick win which boosted morale. Nigel transposed into a promising ending and Rich's game looked better, but Jerry had gone astray on the Black side of a c3 Sicilian and was finding it difficult to find counter-play.

In the end Nigel could not convert his advantage and that left the match in the balance. Muller decided not to play for a win when he as down to two minutes on the clock - it turned out he was only slightly better. So it was all down to Rich to save the day.

With two minutes against six he was three pawns ahead and easily swapped into a Rook ending, but had to lose at least one pawn on the kingside to make progress. After a few seconds think he went for a plan that involved making a fortress on the kingside and advancing his remaining queenside pawn, and after a sea of checks taking the king up and down the board this duly won the game to the great relief of the team. So our first dropped point of the season but still well ahead and looking forward to the tussle against Horfield A in two weeks time.

Jerry Humphreys