Junior 4NCL

It was the 2nd round of the Junior 4NCL event this weekend and to ensure not just the senior players had all the fun at this great event, there was one representative from Downend Juniors. Toby was nominated to play for the Chess in Schools Charity and having done well in the 1st round last year, things were looking positive. Unfortunately, Toby had to miss the first 2 rounds to sit an exam, but we saw it as great preparation to warm up (or fry up) his brain for chess.


The Chess in Schools Charity team.

When we arrived to start the final round of the day, it was great to see the team and a friendly face from Downend again. With a nice prep talk from the team manager, welcoming smiles and jokes from his teammates and a bag full of encouragement from our Geoff, Toby looked confident and was ready to gain some points for his team.


A familiar arbiting face!

Toby managed wins in round 3 and 4 but the final round was a different affair. Playing a player who had previously beaten one of the top boards for the U14s Somerset Juniors, Toby knew he was in for a tough game. The game was evenly balanced, but unable to spot a possible 3 move checkmate, Toby position dwindle and after putting up a gallant fight the game was lost.


Toby looking happy to have the white pieces.

Overall a great weekend of chess, but even more fun was seeing his CSC team again. Well done CSC!!

David Kan