Narrow win at Keynsham

19th January 2017 - Keynsham B vs Downend E

We arrived at Keynsham's new venue at 7.30pm and three boards were missing their opponent. Eventually Mr Passmore arrived, after going round the block a few times and all games were underway.

The first game to finish was William's with an early draw agreed within the hour.

Next was Tom who was in confident mood after his win at Clifton on Tuesday. He soon went three pawns up, advanced and secured a comfortable win.

Then Mike against Duncan - after 19 moves all rooks were exchanged and off the board. After eventually going a bishop and a couple of pawns down towards the endgame, Mike sensibly resigned.

Grant always showed initiative in game three and after his queen went marauding down the board, ably supported by several of his minor pieces, he secured our 2nd win.

John and David had a very even well-contested game throughout, with David just coming through in a king and pawn endgame. The score was now 2½ v 2½ with Oli and Paul still battling it out.

After 2 hours play Oli slowly advanced and eventually promoted his a-pawn, and after a few exchanges he was a rook up. Paul was getting short of time and after Oli nipped off a few more pawns his time was up.


Oli about to promote his a-pawn, with interested parties looking on.

So in the end we were relieved to win a close match 3½ - 2½, and the E-team maintain their unbeaten run in 2017!

John Stubbs