Shock Christmas Present for the Ds

12th December 2016 - Clevedon B vs Downend D

After drawing with Cabot last week, we thought we were level at the top of division 3 but little did we know that Clevedon would go to South Bristol and clinch another two points. Still, a draw at their place would at least cement second position until the new year. Neil was unavailable but we were more than happy to have local Portishead lad, Mike Passmore to replace him.

Things were going quite well for the first hour or so, no minus positions and Oli's domination on an open a file won a pawn while I had some pressure from the opening. Then James, Mike and Nigel clinched their draws with little fuss while Oli liquidated pieces to a trivially won ending. With Dave looking safe enough I offered a draw, half a pawn up according to the engine but my opponent was under orders to play for a win.

We proceeded to a rook and pawn ending where, thanks to an exchange of blunders, I emerged a pawn down instead of a piece up. Well, you are allowed to try to draw lost rook endings so we entered a blitz finish where, luckily, my pawns turned out to be quicker than his and when they reached g7 and h7 that was good enough.

So 4-2 in the end. A shock result really against the top team, who remain ahead of us but only on game points, while the next team, Cabot, are now two points behind. South Bristol C also have a game in hand so it's all incredibly tight but it's great to have pulled through two tough away fixtures to maintain our challenge.

Ian Pickup