Bristol Winter Congress

Wow! What a magnificent weekend for Downend Chess Club. It was the Bristol Winter Congress this weekend with several Downend players competing in the Minor section. Junior players included Jack and Toby, whilst senior players included Grant and Shaun. There was also a special guest appearance from John Stubbs who was competing in his first Bristol Congress. It was a strange affair, I've been used to drinking cups of tea with John whilst watching our sons compete, analysing and discussing their positions like clueless parents do. However, it was a Stubbs role reversal, with Oli deciding not to play, he was providing fantastic company and some much need commentary and analysis for us spectating parents.

The weekend was full of highlights. Grant won the Minor section with a fantastic 4 out of 4 wins (plus a bye) and spending money for some tidy Christmas present. (Mrs Daly I hope you're reading this.)


Jack played solidly again and had notable win against a strong opponent. A determined Toby went unbeaten this weekend and had a 4 hour marathon 5th round game trying for the win.

Jack and Toby

Shaun showed his relentless determination and spirit, whilst John showed us dads that we can do it too. He held his own this weekend and played extremely well. Congratulations all!

Shaun and John


Another first, I'm sure I heard some snoring in the playing area. :D

Results below :
• Grant 4 (4 Wins, 1 Bye) - Minor Section Winner
• Toby 3 (1 Win, 3 Draws, 1 Bye)
• Jack 2 (1 Win, 1 Draw, 1 Bye)
• John 1½ (1 Win, 1 Bye) - Dads Champion
• Shaun ½ (1 Draw)

David Kan