Three out of three. Again!

25th October 2016 - Downend D vs South Bristol D

Once again the room was packed with B, D & F teams all at home, only this time we didn't have the relief of two boards vacant because of visitors' defaults. In fact the D team was closest to a default as James was running late although we had Jack lined up to stand in for him. James arrived in the nick of time and I can't work out if Jason was relieved or disappointed. It can be no fun playing one of our rising stars and I'm just glad other clubs don't have a similar line-up of youth talent.

We started well on the middle boards with Neil and Nigel building promising positions. James' game was starting to look blocked and mine was the opposite. I soon went half way to wiping out the two points lead on the middle boards with one of those games where you just hold your hands up and acknowledge you were outplayed. A lower board beckons, methinks. With James sharing the point it came down once again to boards 5 and 6 to decide the match.

These were balanced with Dave a pawn up in a fairly simple rook and pawn ending while John was a pawn down in a rather more complex one. Material told in the end with Dave registering yet another decisive win so that we finished winners by the odd point.

We shall no doubt read elsewhere of the B team's irresistible march to the Championship and with the F team also winning that meant three home wins two weeks running. Toby won again for the Fs and it was good to see our newest recruit El starting with a win.

Ian Pickup