Half a point better than the B team!

18th October 2016 - Downend D vs Keynsham B

With the clubroom filled with boards to accommodate three matches, it was almost a welcome relief to hear that Keynsham B were struggling for players and were bound to be missing at least boards 5 and 6. Neil was unavailable but we were more than happy to have the 100%-er from the E team, Richard with us, and Nigel agreed that James and Richard should defend the team's honour on the top two boards, especially as there was some doubt if our board 3 opponent would arrive as he was running very late.

In fact, this was David Woodruff, who had had problems getting to Downend but he started making up the lost time against me with a quiet but solid opening. Meanwhile, just to my left, Dave Woodcock (confusing, isn't it?) was making short work of his task. A strong attack culminated in a fork of the Black King and Rook and Chris resigned, maintaining Dave's 100% start to the season and giving us a 3-0 lead. I was able to post my Queen on a hole in David's position and he used a few moves to bring his own Queen to face off against mine. Meanwhile my rooks were able to pile up on the d file, eventually winning his backward d pawn and leading to a won endgame.

The top two were hard fought. James and Duncan's game became a bit blocked and they agreed to split the point. Richard's game came down to a rook, some K-side pawns and a remote passed QR pawn against K-side pawns plus bishop and knight. It was obviously going to be a tussle to see if the rook could shepherd the pawn home and the outcome was unclear until Lawrence disastrously put his bishop en prise and resigned on the spot. Richard's good fortune was compounded when I was able to tell him, almost simultaneously, that Rovers had miraculously come back to be drawing 3-3!

So our win by 5½ to ½ outdid the B team's effort on the adjacent tables. This certainly helps us to move up division three, in fact I think it makes us about equal second until we see results from any other matches being played this week.

Ian Pickup